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Here is yet even more firearms seen in my novel:

- Shartlo Blair, the arms dealer that Greg and Ares visit, offers them a FN FAL fitted with wooden furniture and a telescopic sight and a RPK light machine gun, but they decline. Instead they buy two suppressors used for .45 caliber handguns, a box of 40mm HE grenades, and a dozen 30 round STANAG magazines.

- RENAMO rebels that the Group first run into are armed with SKS rifles.

- Luca's right hand man Rafael carries a PPSh-41 submachine gun while hunting Greg.

- The leader of the soldiers Raymond and the private David both carry Vektor R5 rifles.

Here's my basic outline for the Mozambique part: the group is ambushed and Greg gets captured by RENAMO. He is taken to thier base (an old church) for interrogation. He is placed in a room with his hands tied around chair that he is seated in. Luca, Rafael, and two other RENAMO rebels are in the room. When Greg doesn't answer thier questions, Rafael would hit him across the face with the butt of his gun. They are interrupted by gunfire outside the church.

Luca and Rafael leave to investagate and place the two men in charge. Greg uses the last of his strengh, forces himself up on his feet and tackles one of the guards. His hands are freed and he takes the guards Walther P38 and shoots the other guard. He retrieves his weapons and bag, and takes the Walther and the other guard's Webley Mk VI for himself. When he exits the room, he is spotted by Rafael, who fires his gun at him. Thinking fast, Greg jumps out a window near him. Rafael runs out after him and tackles him. They wrestle and Greg ends it by emptying the magazine of his .45 into Rafael's stomach.

Greg takes refuge in the remains of a bombed out cafe. Later that night he tries to commit suicide, knowing that the rebels would soon find him and that he is far away from the group. However, he stops by the fact that he wants to see Katie again. He leaves the next morning in search of his friends. Greg is then ambushed by a group of RENAMO rebels in a truck that has a DShk machine gun on it. The truck is suddenly knocked off course by an explosion and the men on the truck are killed by an unknown assilant. It turns out that the assilant is Ares. They have a brief reunion and Ares leads him to an apartment that his group has been using as a base.

Ares reveals that the group of soldiers that they were suppose to meet have all been killed with the exception of two. The first is the leader named Raymond while the second is a private named David. They have been holed up in the apartment for three days.

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