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Default Ag36, ag-c, glm, m320

I think we need to do some reorganizing.

Considering the AG-C and GLM have some pretty notable differences, it doesn't seem correct to suggest they're just different names for the same system. I'm more inclined to say the GLM is a PIP successor system to the AG-C with "GLM" being the company name for the M320. HK's website doesn't even list the AG-C anymore, just the AG36, GLM, HK169, HK269 (a modified GLM with a barrel that can swing open to either side), and GMG.

Furthermore, I think we need to stop treating the GLM and M320 as separate systems because they're simply the same thing and continuing to separate them is akin to having separate pages for the M4A1 and Colt Model 923. I think it would simplify things greatly if the AG36 page covered the AG36 and AG-C and we renamed the M320 page to ''Heckler & Koch GLM'' to cover the GLM/M320 and its successive developments, the HK169 and (probably eventually) HK269.
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