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Originally Posted by StanTheMan View Post
Must have missed that section.

As a RoboCop nut I am quite aware of that Verhoeven fellow. That said, to paraphrase a John Goodman character, the Dutchman is not the issue here..
Well, I'd point out large gun descriptions aren't without precedent and there's ones I didn't write too. My interpretation is some of the standards (which you'll note is separate from the "rules" at the top) is they're not inviolable laws: if there's a decent reason to have more text, there should be more text (much like there might be a good reason to have 11 images of something, but you shouldn't try to have more than 10). If you look at pages like the one for the TEC-9 (which MPM wrote), there's six large paragraphs of description text which include basically the entire history of the weapon, and there's a lot of pages like MG42 and StG44 which have had more than two paragraphs up top for ages.

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