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Originally Posted by Mazryonh View Post
A tax on those aforementioned items, along with mandatory insurance for firearms owners (increasing the more firearms you own or the more "higher-class" firearms you have), could be one good way to fund such an enhanced background-and-mental-health checking system.
Yes, because imposing a mandatory tax on anyone who wants to exercise one of their rights as an American is in no way a means to restrict that right. As for the mental health check, what will happen when "ownership of a firearm" or "desire to own a firearm" are declared to be signs of mental instability?

Originally Posted by Mazryonh
You got evidence for this? Or would you really like to return to Roaring-Twenties-style full-auto drive-by-shootings when full-auto firearms were easier to come by than today? There would have been no lack of things for revenue agents to keep track of even after Prohibition's repeal. In case you mean FBI agents, organized crime by no means collapsed in on itself after Prohibition ended, so I'm sure they still had plenty of work.
The NFA didn't do a damn thing to stop them from acquiring fully automatic firearms, as criminals obviously don't care about obeying the law and were unlikely to purchase said firearms legally in the first place
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