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-Gabbet-Fairfax Mars in .45 Mars Long
-Webley-Fosberry in .38ACP
-Webley & Scott Mk.1N Royal Horse Artillery model with stock
-Ross Mk.III sniper rifle with Warner & Swasey scope (long as we're dreaming, how about marked to 8th Battalion (Winnipeg Rifles) CEF)
-SMLE Mk.III sniper rifle with PP Co scope

Or, confining myself to guns I'm actually likely to see outside a museum:

-Webley & Scott Mk.1N Naval model
-Webley-Fosberry in .455 Webley
-Irish army FF-marked SMLE Mk.I
-NWMP-marked Enfield Mk.II revolver
-Canadian Boer-war issued Colt New Service

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