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As someone that carries revolvers a lot, don't get one as a first carry gun. Biggest tip I can give is to be picky about your belt, it matters more than you'd think; that being said don't think you absolutely must get a stiff, stout, thick leather, steel core belt or anything crazy. I've had a lot of good experiences with hole-less friction-lock belts like the Grip6 stuff (even the slim one will hold up an FNX-45 + 2 mags, or a 5" 686 with speedloaders). I think a lot of new people, since micro 9s and .380s have come about, go too small and end up with a really jumpy, finicky, gun with tiny sights and controls. Definitely don't be afraid to try out something Glock 19 (or in between 19 and 26) sized guns, they're easier to carry than you'd think if you get a good kydex holster. If you don't need it, I'd also say avoid a tuckable holster (J-clips also suck), since some have a propensity to have the clip bend open, so that when you draw you pull out the holster too
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