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For what it's worth: There are MANY productions where people who are not movie armorers are in charge of some or all of the firearms. In the U.S., a licensed handler is only required when there are NFA weapons being used on-set (this is different, of course, in other countries which have stricter gun laws). If the production is only renting non-NFA firearms, it's generally going to be the property master and their assistant(s) who handle those guns, and most propmasters are not weapons experts. Even in those circumstances, accidents with guns on film/TV productions are rare. That's not to say that misuse of guns doesn't happen; as MPM has indicated, it does. Just that the negligence almost never rises to a threshold that leads to deaths.

Many film productions are also done on tight shooting schedules where lots of people work very long hours and are constantly sleep-deprived. Even in those circumstances, accidents are still rare. I think that "The Crow" was just a unique case of very bad luck which, unfortunately, cost a promising young actor his life. This is not to say that negligence did not happen (it clearly did) or that the individuals responsible cannot be held at fault; just that bad luck also factored in. I suspect that the same is true on "Rust."
Good point. I'm not in the business so I bow to your experience and knowledge. Terrible situation all around.

Over the past few years Baldwin had made a few statements ,regarding officer involved shootings, in interviews and some really offensive remarks on social media. I don't look for them either, but it isn't uncommon for other officers to talk about those things at work. Especially younger officers who also live much of their life on Twitter, Instagram and so forth.

Last year the gushing of vitriol, much of it from athletes and other celebs, was a constant topic of discussion at work as you might imagine. Many of the younger officers were bothered and hurt by it all and it was fairly common for e-mails to be sent out with various quotes from all of those folks. In particular I remember Baldwin, LeBron James, Alyssa Milano and Samuel Jackson.

Things are quieter now, but the profession has an institutional memory I suppose.

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