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Default Magpul has a page dedicated to IMFDB!!

Sort of. it's called Magpul in the movies, and it showcases all their products that appear in films. They lifted (in fact) screencaps directly from IMFDB, I noted that their pics from RAMBO (2008) were mine (before Ben uploaded his bluray versions) (split second difference in frame but I can tell by the motion blur). We don't own the screencaps, of course, they have a right to use the screencaps as 'proof of their product placement' just as we use them for journalistic/educational purposes.

Pretty funny. They CREDIT us, with being the source of their information. They're proud that Magpul products are being used in action films and here is a well known weapons accessories company that quotes IMFDB on their very own company website! Pretty cool!

I kinda expected this. As IMFDB becomes more dominant in cyberspace, more and more weapons manufacturers and makers of accessories will start utilizing us in their marketing campaigns. "Look! our stuff is in the movies! IMFDB says so!"

But of course, that puts MORE PRESSURE on us NOT TO BE WRONG. I still catch some mistakes when I surf our own site, but we'll get to it eventually. Good job guys!
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