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Originally Posted by Excalibur View Post
I actually beg to differ about zombies bleeding out. In my theories of an undead body brought back to life through some sort of virus or bacterial infection, it's more like an incomplete reserruection on a person, like you try to bring someone back to life through CPR but was only partly successful, meaning that there's enough energy flowing through the nerves system for the brain to control movement.

A zombie might not feel pain, but an undead body can still suffer from the limitations of the human form. Since this is also not a fully living body, it is constantly rotting and will eventually rot away, but if they come, we wont have the time to wait until they drop dead again.

To move a body, your muscles need to work, some degree of blood needs to flow towards it. Shooting a zombie up might slow it down, but it still needs massive blood lost and body damage to shock the nervous system into a state where even if it is undead, it can't move on, but that kind of suggestion means we'd have to waste a ton of ammo when a well placed head shot can do the job simple.

Just because we see one method of killing zombies in fiction, doesnt mean other means dont work.
That's YOUR theory and that's fine, but that's not many folks' theories, including MINE We all know that this is fiction so there is no TRUE answer, but I've always (a) considered that the living dead don't have a working heart. Without a working heart blood won't flow, period. Also they've been shown to be SHOT IN THE CHEST and it doesn't stop them, so it supports my NO WORKING HEART theory. (b) they are not shown bleeding, the only viscera is that which is shown flying when hit by rounds. In fact in all incarnations of the Romero series, the blood starts to decay and turn black or coagulate the more decayed they are, thus eliminating the theory that blood keeps them mobile. there is NO theory to keep them mobile other than the sci fi theory of Nannites. Since by being resurrected they're ALREADY violating the laws of physics as well as biology, so something extra-natural has to be occurring. But then arguing about what keeps zombies mobile is as worthless as arguing as to why anti gun Libtards are stupid. They just are.