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Originally Posted by MT2008 View Post
Nearly 12 years after I sold the Taurus PT92 that I inherited from my grandfather, I now have a new(er) one, which I impulse-bought from a pawn shop today. This one was made probably around 1996-97 (all I know is that the original owner bought it in March 1997, according to the receipt in the box), so it's more than a decade newer than the one I had previously, but still fairly old.

I'll post pics later. First reaction: Nice to have a frame-mounted safety/decocker on a Beretta 92-pattern firearm (unlike my Beretta 92FS Inox); I've always seen this feature as the single biggest advantage that the PT92 has over the 92FS. But...I forgot how hard it is to reach the mag release on the Taurus compared to the Beretta - especially with Hogue grips installed, which is what my gun has.

UPDATE: Found a Taurus forum topic on date coding; mine has "TNB" as the first three letters of the serial identifier. That means it's a 9mm (duh!) made in February 1994.
My father owned a Taurus PT92 for several years in the Eighties. He purchased it shortly before it was announced that the Beretta was going to replace the M1911A1. Of course there were no Beretta 92 pistols to be found, but he was able to get hold of the Taurus and even that was a matter of luck and timing. I shot the hell out of that Taurus for a couple of years and never had any issues with it. Eventually dad traded it for something (can't remember what he got) and in 1999 he purchased an actual 92FS that I now own.
I like the Beretta, but the Taurus was a good pistol.
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