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Originally Posted by Swordfish941 View Post
I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned Darren Aronofsky.
He's not exactly a member of the IMFDB pantheon. His movies are also pretty inaccessible. Let's go down the list:

Pi: nobody saw it
Requiem For A Dream: good movie, but very nihilistic, favored by film students and recovering addicts
The Fountain: normally when I find a movie that I've never heard of, I'll look it up and think "oh yeah I do remember hearing about this movie way back when it came out", that did not happen with this movie, I haven't heard a single thing about it in the 4 years since its release
The Wrestler: finally some mainstream recognition...
Black Swan: ...squandered on a masturbatory radical feminist rape fantasy, but hey at least it has some lesbian stuff
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