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Default Beretta 92F?

So as it turns out, I have enough pennies in my piggy bank to swing another new handgun. I was looking at getting an American or Italian 92FS from the late 1980s/early 1990s with no warning label. I found a reasonably priced auction for an Italian model and hit the Buy It Now button with great enthusiasm. After I had bought it though, I noticed one of the pictures of the slide said 92F and not FS. I notified the seller as to the issue, and they seem to be willing to let me pass on the auction with no penalty, but I'm wondering if I ought to pass on it at all. Over the last few hours I've been weighing the pros and cons to owning the F over waiting for who knows how long to find an FS with no warning label at a reasonable price. Anybody have any advice regarding getting the F or waiting for something better? My gut says "get what you really want and pass on this" but I want to know if anyone else has any words of wisdom.
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