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Originally Posted by S&Wshooter View Post
Turn in your passport, you're being deported to Sweden for not being A REAL AMERICAN
I live in California, remember? Most non-liberals already consider it a foreign country as is and keep hoping "the big one" will either detach us from the country or sink us into the ocean 2012 style (never mind both are geologically impossible). XD

Seriously, though, can someone tell me what's up with this? It's clearly not a Shrike. Is it some kind of third party aftermarket thing?

Edit: Swedish chicks are pretty hot, so it wouldn't be all bad.
"The gun has played a critical role in history. An invention which has been praised and denounced... served hero and villain alike... and carries with it moral responsibility. To understand the gun is to better understand history."

“What is morality in any given time or place? It is what the majority then and there happen to like, and immorality is what they dislike.” - Alfred North Whitehead
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