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Originally Posted by Excalibur View Post
If you watched the trailer, the weapons were should after a speech from Reagan, so I think it's at least 1983 because the last episode mentions that exact year. So the A2 handguard would make sense ish for the time period

I can't tell if those are M4 LE stocks or early adjustable stocks

Since this is an alternate 1980s, we can assume some slight advancement in tech is forgivable as long as we don't see rails and modern red dots far ahead of the time period
They're definitely equipped with LE stocks, not N1 CAR stocks or the early aluminum stocks (either of which would have been more accurate for the time period).

So it turns out that ISS' Instagram account has posted pics of the weapons - see here:

Apparently, these guns are referred to as the NASA M16N2 L.A.R. (Lunar Automatic Rifle). They were also apparently built upon DSA lower receivers.
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