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Originally Posted by Excalibur View Post
I just randomly saw a trailer of the Apple TV series and it's about an alternate history where if the Soviets landed on the moon first and it escalated the US to catch up. Season 2 shows what might be a military incursion on the moon with somewhat period correct ARs

From the looks of it, it looks the rifles have an A1 upper because of the rear sight and an adjustable stock with Colt scopes on top. But the barrel profile looks like an A2 so this might be a modified C7
A C7 (Colt 715) would have a brass deflector, which those guns don't have. Colt made URGs which had A1 uppers and heavier profile barrels (e.g. the 611). It's possible that that's what was used here; either that, or the armorer just stuck A2 barrels on A1 uppers for whatever reason.

Those guns do feature some accessories that are anachronistic - e.g. the A2 hand guards and the M4 "LE" stocks, which didn't become available until 2001-ish. Also, those Colt scopes may be anachronistic depending on the year in which the specific episodes are set. (The show apparently takes place in a range of years from 1969 to the mid-1970s.)
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