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Originally Posted by 2wingo View Post
Actually, I think with practice, a long-ranged attacked wouldn't be too hard for her. Real-life sniping is, after all, largely a matter of having a complex understanding of physics, geometry, and all the little variables in you own equipment. Given the sort of education she had while she and Eric were sequestered in the forest, I wouldn't put it past him to have made sure she was educated in those things. But the more I think about it, maybe giving her a compound bow would be a better choice than a sniper rifle. Maybe a custom-made one with a scope and laser rangefinder.
Hadn't considered that. But for the love of all that's holy, don't give her a bow like that. A bow should not have a scope or laser rangefinder. It's kind of short-range to need one and looks utterly retarded.

I was planning to have her trade Marissa's Walther PP (it was the .380 version, by the way) along with the cash needed to obtain her new weapons from a black market arms dealer (I seriously doubt she'd want to keep it). She would still keep her father's Beretta and Luger, but keep them in her home as momentos rather than use them.
Ok, makes sense. But she doesn't have her Luger or father's Beretta, the Luger's still in End Of The World, Finland (unless the CIA raid team took it) and the Beretta's gone. Eric didn't have it when he got killed, must have lost it/ran out of ammo before then. She'll need to buy new ones.

Since I scrapped the idea of making this a crossover with "Kick-Ass," I was planning to have her still be rather hesitant to get close to people, although she is still in contact with that family she met in the film. She has a job working as a delivery girl at a restaurant in Queens. She has a small apartment a block or so away. This takes place a year after the movie, making her 17 and thus a legal adult in New York. In that time, she's learned how to ride a motorcycle, gotten a GED, committed to memory various maps of NYC, and learned how to convert semi-automatic firearms to full-auto.
The family she met it the film is dead, aren't they? Marissa and the creepy tracksuit guy killed them. Supposedly you see missing-persons poster for them later in the film, and I seriously think they were killed. And how are you going to do anything with guns in NYC? You can't open carry, mags over 7 rounds are banned, and concealed carry needs a permit that no 17 year old immigrant is going to get.

Pity you can't have it cross over with Dark Angel. Jessica Alba as Max, another genetically engineered child soldier (X5-452), just have Max willing to use guns. The timing wouldn't work though (Max was born in 2000 and is in post-EMP 2019 Seatle.) Then again, you could handwave it and have Hanna be an X1 or X2 prototype.

And don't go full-auto. IRL, full-auto isn't used 99% of the time anyway because it wastes ammo. Also (see below), full-auto will have the government all over you for seriously illegal weaponry.

SBR, SBS, NFA Trust, I don't know what ANY of those things are.
It's how you avoid getting in trouble with the ATF for all your illegal goodies. An NFA (National Fire Arms Act of 1934) trust cuts down on the amount of paperwork need for NFA weapons. Rifles with barrels under 16" and shotguns under 18" are legally short-barreled rifle/shotguns. Suppressors are NFA items as well. 10 years in federal prison, do not pass go, do not collect $200 for illegal possession.

Unless you magically handwave the police into not caring and no one ever calls 911 reporting automatic gunfire, it won't work. I'd recommend Vermont or New Hampshire, since they have incredibly loose gun laws and NH doesn't care how old you are. Virginia might be nice, but I moved here from Massachusetts years ago, so I'm biased like that. Still, you get loose gun laws, a decent-size city (Richmond), and is next to Washington, DC. Yes, I'm citing gun laws while trying to arm a genetically modified child soldier.

Am I massively over-thinking all of this?
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