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Thanks for all of the help every little thing that is probably trivial to all of you is new to me so I appreciate it. I never thought when I first started looking there would be so much involved in the process. To answer some of those questions:

1. Right now $600 is probably my top range.
2. My dad has a couple guns and most of the use would be taking it to the range and shooting with him and also home defense (although hopefully it will never come to that).
3. I don't have a preference on polymer or steel.
4. Again as far as the action and trigger variants I don't know enough about them to know what I prefer probably whatever would be easiest to get used to for my first one.
5. And yes I have decided on autoloader for my first one.

Also I think my dad was planning on both of us going through a course like you mentioned he is fairly new to all of this as well and I wouldn't even be comfortable owning a gun and not knowing everything I need to so I will be sure to do that.

Sounds like I have some more research to do.
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