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Originally Posted by TheGunslinger121 View Post
Ok so I am new to the gun world, just turned 21 and have been looking into a handgun to get. I feel like I have narrowed it down to either a Glock 17 or a S & W Sigma Series SW9VE 9mm (I was thinking 9mm either way because I thought it would be a cheap and easy way to get started correct me if I'm wrong). If anyone has any tips on which to go with or even another gun altogether I would love to hear any opinions since I really know very little. Thanks.
I've fired several different Glock models (-17, -17C, -19, -22, and -26, all but the -17C rented), handled many more, and have yet to find one I liked as much as my SIG P226. The contours of the grips are uniformly awful on Glocks. They are, however, quite reliable, almost indestructible, and inexpensive. You can't really go wrong with them, especially as a first-time handgun buyer; plenty of people I know own Glocks and like them. But you can also do better.

I know very little about the S&W Sigma series, as I've never handled/fired one before. Looking at them, I'd say the grip design seems more ergonomic, but have heard the same trigger complaints which k9870 mentioned. The M&P might be better, except it's also pricier.

Besides Glocks, there are plenty of better options. The Springfield XD series is also quite popular, plus they have better grips (except for the XD45, which I found too wide for my hands), better triggers, and are just as reliable and durable as Glocks. The SIG Pro is also not a bad choice, though they're a little overpriced for what you get (they tend to go for $100 more than Glocks).

I have no experience with Ruger's polymer-framed pistols, but there's a de facto boycott against them in most of the gun-owning community (it's taboo to praise Rugers anymore, though I really like the P94 I fired).
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