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The city of Mountain Home, Idaho,(about forty miles east of Boise) has an M1 on static display. Mt. Home has an Air Force base so it didn't come from there. Anyway you're probably right about the steel. I had a secret clearance back in the day and went through training about the steel as well as the depleted uranium sabot rounds. However I'm talking about the fact that I'm now experiencing things that I never though about twenty-seven years ago when I was commissioned as a 2nd Lt. ,armor branch, Army Reserve. Back then I didn't even consider the fact that one day I would be one of the middle-aged veterans.

I later went on active duty as an enlisted man (1993-2000). There was a bad recession in full swing at the time and I needed a job. I could get active duty as an enlisted man. At the time their were very few slots for junior officers in the Regular Army. The commission looks wonderful framed and hanging on a wall, but I couldn't eat it and it wouldn't pay the bills. During that time I met many Korean, Vietnam and WWII vets. Even in the late 90's there were still a small number of Vietnam War vets serving on active duty in the Army. My last duty assignment was with the 10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum, New York. In the summer of 1999 the division hosted the reunion of the 10th Mountain WWII vets. The division saw heavy combat in Northern Italy during the last six months of the war. Those guys were great, but I never thought that one day I might be an old vet wearing a funny hat. I'm real close to fifty now and that time is on it's way. Seeing an M1 Abram in a park on display is one of those milestones.

I get the definite impression that I am probably one of the oldest members here on imfdb. Where's my cane and glasses?

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