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Originally Posted by MoviePropMaster2008 View Post
On that note, I don't necesarily agree that the M11 should have it's own page, since it was built on the original blueprints for the .380 M11 by SWD who also contract built the MACs (10&11) after M.A.C. went under. It was merely stretching the .380 frame to allow for a 9mm round. In fact, upon close examination, the construction is nearly identical to the MAC-11, except one is stretched (and a different caliber of course).
Fair enough. But do you think the PT92 page should be on the Beretta 92 page? Again, I just want to be sure that whatever we do, we're consistent.

Originally Posted by MoviePropMaster2008 View Post
Just a thought. Doesn't anyone else get sick and tired of fixing the screwed up formatting on the M1911 monster length page?
YES. I'm always embarrassed by that page because (if you check the page rankings), it's one of our Top 10 most popular pages, yet it really needs better formatting. It's a nightmare to navigate and match particular variants to their entries, so I think the fact that it's so disorganized reflects poorly on IMFDB. I shudder to think what the proposed S&W revolver page would look like if it were in that format.
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