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I also picked up a Winchester-Hotchkiss 1883 saddle ring carbine from work. This was the first bolt-action rifle made by Winchester, a 5 shot .45-70 with a tube mag in the butt loaded through the open action. They were initially developped for the US military, who tested the 1878 and 1879 models in rifle and carbine configuration, and then the 1883 in rifle only. This is one of very, very few 1884 carbines made for commercial sale. It's actually a surprisingly functional gun, feeds beautifully once you get used to loading the magazine, and pretty well to boot!

Also picked up a 1918 Remington M1917 Enfield from a friend of mine for a very good price - this one was later sold to Canada during WW2 and used for training and defence at home. The red stripe around the forend was added at this time to warn you not to load .303 ammo into it, as it's pretty much identical to the .303 P14 rifle. This one is a tack driver - last time I went shooting I was banging the 300 yard gong with every shot.

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