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Default Something to clarify on screencaps...

Some screencappers on IMFDb are now using Bluray players to take caps now which is great, but I'd still suggest something to those who do.

When you take screencaps, it's typically standard process to crop off the widescreen bars. But something few cappers do (but should do) is correctly brighten and sharpen the images. Bluray may be clearer and bigger than DVD caps, but they still look bland without some form of color correcting. For example:

This is an original Bluray screencap from Point Break:

This is the same cap after being brightened and sharpened properly:

Original bluray cap from Underworld: Evolution:

Corrected bluray cap:

Hopefully those who have the capabilites to make these edits to their screencaps will, because it will make their bluray screencaps look far more impressive and more worthy of replacing any standard DVD caps currently on the site.
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