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Originally Posted by Alkillmatic View Post
F- The last unlock for the Attack Heli would be the TV Missile, but barely anyone uses it. The reason why because it is very hard to control. For consoles I know it is hard but I donít know for PC.
If you've ever played BF2 you'll know exactly why the TVM is hard to use. BF2's was easy to use (you just clicked on where you wanted it to hit and it did) and a one-hit kill on any tank, and coupled to the whining heli players that got heli health buffed to the point they took multiple tank gun hits to bring down, you basically had maps where getting in the tank was just a way to make yourself an easy point for some ass soloing in an attack helicopter.

Originally Posted by Alkillmatic View Post
W- Over powered or not, they should have Rocket Pods for Scout Helis. It would give the advantage against Tanks and other ground Vehicles.
As above, if you remember what it was like being in a ground vehicle in BF2 (constant instakills from helis you could barely touch) you'd know why they're trying to avoid that happening again.
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