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Default Amatuer fps Part deux

Just got a couple of ideas for my game. These are random bits of gameplay.

1 Every weapon, upon spawning and brandishing for the first time, is loaded and cocked. Reload animations can be interrupted by switching guns, and consist of 5 basic moves, which vary if the gun was fired until dry or not. Safety on, Clip out, clip in, charge, safety off.

2: When all ammunition is depleted, all weapons become melee weapons until ammunition is found.

3: Light smg for Rebel team is a powder nailgun modified to fire distance and full auto. Has 30 nail clip inserted forward of trigger, and unlimited blanks in grip. When nails are depleted, melee attack simply shoots blanks, which can do a fair bit of damage close up.

That's all I can think of now. Comments, suggestions, insults all welcome.
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