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Originally Posted by MT2008 View Post
In retrospect, now that we know Burt and POI really are the same person, I realize that Burt wasn't nice to me me because he had a change of heart, just a change of tactics: He realized that if he could stay on my good side, I wouldn't think he was POI and wouldn't ban him. In other words, I actually allowed Burt to manipulate me. As an Admin and moderator, I should never have allowed this to happen.
Yeah, with a guy like Burt you have to remember the world is divided into two parts: people who can do things for him, and scum. The former become the latter if they stop being able to give him what he wants.

The thing here is I can see two roughly equally likely scenarios for what's happening:

1. Burt's trying to paint a new account as a completely different person.

2. Burt's playing the opportunist and blowing something out of proportion that has nothing to do with him, not caring in the slightest how it affects the person he's "defending" since he's doing it out of spite rather than altruism.

I'll certainly keep an eye out, but even if Burt can flatter people who can do things for him, he can't hide his contempt for those who can't forever. And with users that try to hide, remember; if you force someone to post in such a way that none of their personality shows through, you've effectively made them ban themselves.
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