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Yeah, he sent that to basically everyone. Usual Burt, it's lies and exaggeration plastered over anything resembling fact until it's more or less unrecognisable.

One ban was honest mistaken identity, one of those name / name accounts the XRumer bots tend to use. Turned out to be a real user, and despite his cussing me out I unbanned him. I'd point out we've probably banned about a thousand of these accounts without letting them post with about two known false positives so far (this guy and one Ben banned), which is really not that bad going, and "Spambot user name" is one of the form letter ban options, not just something I made up that one time. I didn't ban that guy after he re-registered, that's just a good demonstration that Burt is incapable of telling the truth without embellishing it. I guess in Burt's private universe being banned once and then unbanned despite calling the banning admin an imbecile counts as "a massive headache and multiple undue bannings."

The second guy I'm still on the fence about; it's very coincidental that Burt should just happen to come back and claim this guy isn't him. Still, in spite of his conduct (and the vandalism certainly wasn't just your regular angry guy) I've given him a chance.

Burt's skreed I removed from Bunni's talk page because he's a banned user and the others because they were violating content rules (ie swearing like wounded pirates; it's kind of telling that Burt thinks a "legitimate message" can involve calling someone a "fucking idiot"). Contrary to reports from the Burt-verse, I didn't delete Glock17Gen4's two earlier posts. Bunni gets an email notification for any post to his talk page anyway, so it's not like I could hide those posts from him even if I wanted to.

Also got to love acknowledging he was POI and saying he never bought drama to the wiki in the same post, that's some top-drawer denial he's got going there.

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