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Default Message about Evil Tim

Hey, I got this message recently and I want to bring it to everyone's attention.

Disclosure: I am PersonOfInterest/BurtReynoldsMoustache/Simsandwich, and I mean you no deception or dishonesty. Iím sending you this message out of good will and concern for IMFDB.

Evil Tim / Vangelis / Dongs is abusing his power. He banned a guy just because he thought that guy was me. He didnít check the IPís or do any investigation or anything. The guyís only crime was ďediting the GoldenEye 007 pageĒ which Tim loves so much.

He banned another guy for having a ďspammer nameĒ. Not for actually spamming, just for having a spammer name, whatever that means.

Both users reregistered in an attempt to contact Bunni via his talk page, but Tim just banned them both and deleted the entries from Bunniís page. Is it just me or is it generally considered rude to erase legitimate messages meant for somebody else? And if somebody does have an issue with an admin, what can they do but take it up with the supreme lord Bunni himself? Interfering with other peopleís talk pages is inappropriate and should be unacceptable. What other safeguards against admin abuse are there?

One of them vandalized Timís talk page, but only after Tim had wrongfully banned him multiple times and interfered with his attempts to contact other admins. Can you blame him?

The other guy has got himself unbanned, but only after going through a massive headache and multiple undue bannings. Neither of these bannings should have occurred in the first place. Also ironically, he finished the editting job the first guy got banned for starting.

Iíd also like to remind you that I never vandalised or brought drama to the wiki, I was just unliked on the forums. Evil Tim is actively chasing away new members for spurious reasons. He is going to run this site into the ground.

Check the history on Bunniís user page to see whatís up.

Thereís also an 8 page screed I wrote about this whole issue buried in the talk page history but you donít need to read it to see whatís going on. You can if you want to, I donít expect you to, but it gives a lot of good reasons for why Tim is toxic for this site and explains some of the mysteries surrounding myself.

Well thatís all I have to say, good bye.


Thoughts everyone?

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