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Default Fictional firearms

Among the reqirements to create a page for a fictional weapon are these rules: If they are fictional weapons built upon a real firearm, and :If the weapon (for any reason) would lead the general public to believe that it is a real firearms or based on one.

Considering thaat, I think some of the pages should be deleted. Here's what I think should go:
It isn't based on a real weapon, and I don't see anyone thinking that it is real of based on a real gun. Besides, the page admits it's a CGI and plastic weapon

All the District 9 weapons, they don't have any real gun under the plastic shell and noone is going to mistake them for real guns.

The BFG9000 should stay, if only because it's cool.
Ok. so its looks kind of real, but it's just plastic, no base weapon
This thing can't be based of anything real, and looks more like a flare pistol or something.

Waht do you all think?
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