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Originally Posted by Spartan198 View Post
Just for me, but they apparently restricted my posting rights after I made an inquiry regarding the CQBR and Mk 18.
I quit going there when I got railed for daring to voice an opinion that the M-4A1 wasn't the best combat carbine ever.

I'm sorry, I didn't realize that my CAB, BSM w/V, and PH w/OLC didn't qualify me to disparage the very weapon I carried in combat.

M202 sucks.

And Cordell, they're just jealous because you can probably out shoot them with your old slabsided Sporter with no doo-dads on it.
I like to think, that before that Navy SEAL double tapped bin Laden in the head, he kicked him, so that we could truly say we put a boot in his ass.
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