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Heat, a favorite film of many users on the site, is considered to be one of the most realistic gun movies, with great firefights and realistic gunshots (echoing loud outside and deafeningly short inside). Unfortunately magazine capacity isn't always followed and no one depicts recoil (a personal pet peeve of mine)

Another realistic one is Collateral, which is also directed by Michael Mann. After Heat though, Mann's realism got dampened a bit. Only outside do the guns even echo in Collateral an not as impressively. Tom Cruise does a great job with pistol techniques such as shooting and reloading.

Street Kings is pretty realistic, usually following magazine capacities and realistic shootouts. Keanu Reeves took training courses to be more convincing as a well trained cop (and I think he is the only person to ever use the decocker on his pistol). Gunshots were kind of crappy though.

Black Hawk Down was pretty good although the gunfire was again kind of weak. You never see someone break magazine capacity though.

Dirty Harry shows us that some people take recoil into acount, as Eastwood fired a real .44 Magnum so he could properly imitate recoil. After Dirty Harry, all of Eastwood's films have him properly depicting recoil and when he directs the film, almost everyone follows this rule as well. Just watch a movie like The Outlaw Josey Wales or Flags of our Fathers and you'll see what I mean.

Another actor who follows the recoil rule is Kevin Costner (except in Mr. Brooks), so check out his films for some good gun handling.

A History of Violence had a director who also favors recoil depiction and also shows very detailed depictions of what a bullet does to a person (so the film is pretty gorey), but still realistic.

But the sad thing is, most films don't accurately depict firearms, because Hollywood is run mainly by gun-ignorant liberals who are more concerned with what "looks cool", and usually ignore the weapons coordinator, gun coach, and armorer in favor of their own ridiculous ideas. I've always been a stickler for gun realism in movies, so I get disapointed a lot, but the movies I listed are a good place to start.
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