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Good point, that should have been obvious. Okay, that explains the non-gun, then.

I carefully scrutinized all the different Colts and S&Ws (granted there are other brands, but it seems likely it's one of the two) and concluded that it's either a S&W Model 36, like you suggested, or a Model 12, which I feel may be more likely. They're basically identical in appearance except that the bolt meets the end of the barrel on the 36 and not the 12, and it seems not to on the gun in question. I also don't know if I think it's a 5-shot compared to this picture, which is a 36. Maybe you disagree, but I think it looks more like a 6-shooter. Finally, I noticed on the page for the Model 12 that it says they were issued to the French Police, which, again, the character with the gun is a French Inspector. I kind of doubt that Disney spent that much time on the details, but what do you think?

5-shot Model 36, the same as below?

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