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Originally Posted by Blimp53 View Post
The film takes place and was partially filmed in Europe (especially France). Probably irrelevant, but maybe it's a foreign revolver of some kind?
No, you actually may be on to something. Post-WW2, Walther PPK was produced in France, which may explain the markings on the front of the slide (they don't look like the standard importer's marks on American models).

As for the revolver, the shot of it being knocked into the air is useless because of two reasons. First, it's safer to throw a non-firing prop in the air than even an unloaded weapon. A prop may be lighter, so if it hits something it's not supposed to, it's less likely to break anything. Second, the gun is blurry anyway. Take one, Hercule Budget is shown holding the unloaded, non-firing prop, Herbie's trunk pops open knocking the prop out of his hand, cut to: Don Knotts holding a very much loaded revolver.
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