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Default Help Please w/ Gun Identification

Hi, I'm brand new here though I've been a long time visitor and I give you all huge props for this amazing wiki.

Not sure if this is standard protocol or not but I was hoping to contribute to the wiki a little and will be glad to do so but wanted to make sure I was giving out accurate information.

To briefly describe myself, I restore vintage cars, mostly Volkswagens, and have worked on or totally restored about 6 actual, screen-used Herbie the Love Bug VWs from the Disney films. That leads us to my question...

In the 1976 film "Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo" there are a couple different guns seen. I'd like to know what they are for my own curiosity, but I figured they might as well go on the site as well.

Looks like I'm only allowed to post 4 images so here are two of each gun plus links to others.

The first is this. I assume it's a Walther PPK but I don't know if it's a different brand's copy or not. Please advise.

Here's the second. I thought maybe it's a Colt Detective but I'm really not sure (the character just so happens to be a detective, by the way).

Not a great shot, but the only real glimpse of the grips (gun is in mid-air).

Thanks much!

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