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Originally Posted by Excalibur View Post
I was wondering is anyone a fan of anime since I've been doing some of my pages in the anime section. Especially the one about Hellsing.
I've always considered 'Otaku's as guys who will never get a girlfriend, get mad crushes on fictional animated females, live in their parent's basements or attics, the kind of mentality that (in the U.S.) makes them veer towards the 'furrys' and other such fringe elements. Anime fan or enthusiast is a better term LOL

And no. I am NOT an anime fan. Not that I haven't enjoyed some of the classic anime movies and series (Akira, Lupin, etc.) and I was an early fan of the Yamato series, but once I started working more and more on live action projects, I spent less time even thinking about animation. But that's just me.
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