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Originally Posted by Yournamehere View Post
Wow you have a neat collection there. I didn't know the MKI Desert Eagle was yours.

My buddy is looking for a .308 Battle Rifle much like your L1A1. He even wants optics on it too. What make is the rifle/optics? How much have you shot it? Are you satisfied with it?
I haven't been able to shoot the DE lately. No .357 ammo. Wouldn't mind getting one in a 44, but will probably get a 4" S&W Model 29 first.

I haven't researched to whether my rifle is British or Australian. Could be a mix of both. The receiver is IMBEL from what I read, it's one of the better ones to be built on.(I think DSA is suppose to be the best. But they are all new manufacture.) I have shot around 200 rounds through it. The only problem was a FTE with a certain type of ammo. Adjusted the gas setting, cycled fine. The scope is a Bushnell Trophy. It cost $100. The gun cost $650, I'm trying to find some wood furniture for it, then give the gun a repaint. I've been very satisfied with it. It's a heavy gun, but also a heavier caliber so that's to be expected. I'd go to battle with it.
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