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Originally Posted by Yournamehere View Post
Furthermore, my Reservoir Dogs page was made prior to the rules, standards and principles page and therefore I couldn't have followed the conditions such as widescreen/jpeg formatting etc. I built the page purely to look it's best, which is why I used the fullscreen version (to get bigger shots) and .png formatted images (which are bigger but allow for more detail). The question I am posing now is, should we allow the pages that were made prior to the rules, standards and principles page to slip through the preferences of .jpeg or widescreen so long as the look good and/or better than any other change that can be made? In other words, is quality the most important element in a page, or should the preference of a certain type of file or shot be taken into consideration first at the potential sacrifice in quality? Where is the gray area? Would my case be an exception to the rule?
No one expects people to be psychic when they made pages prior to the posting of the rules. However, all that means that ANY page in the future can still be overwritten with higher quality images. Widescreen images that are HIGH QUALITY (I fear the ones which were posted were saved at too low a resolution and thus looked blurry on high rez monitors) will always trump FULL screen, however, if they are of worse quality, then the full screen stays.

I am hoping for the day when we have more and more BLU RAY screenshots (properly edited of course)
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