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Originally Posted by funkychinaman View Post
I'm all over the place when it comes to music. Classical, big band, classic rock, classic R&B, disco, soul, etc. Let's just say the two Guardians of the Galaxy soundtracks hit the spot.
Nailed it about GOTG son.

And ditto for myself - I too am real eclectic overall. What leanings I have lean a bit more towards metal (which even then will delve into various myriad types - heavy, hair, death, nu, Scandinavian, love) and rock - which will also vary (hard, smooth, alternative, classic - more 80s than 70s but still, etc). Even then I'll still outta nowhere switch it up to almost anything - grunge, trance, jazz/electric jazz, R&B, classic rap/hip-hop, some old-school country, maybe a bit of pop/pop-ish stuff here and there (old school Madonna's quite banging, yeah I said it), soul, some electronic and new wave stuff, and more. WAY too many bands to try and list, at least right now. Also am really big into a lot of scores and BGMs all over - movies, TV, games.

Bottom line if it sounds good, then that's enough, screw the incessant labels.
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