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Originally Posted by Rockwolf66 View Post
I believe that is a FN SCAR trigger group and that looks a lot like a real one. the only difference I can see is that a real SCAR trigger group has a lug to hook onto the back of the receiver and to hold the stock on.
Yeah, I know, the point is I almost seamlessly blended out, on this particular one, both the fire selector and the automatic setting to give it the appearance of a semi-auto/SPR trigger group. It's ready and waiting for a moveable fire selector, which I'm going to put together shortly.

Believe me, finding a close enough color match took far longer than I would have liked to spend on such a "simple" task. As far as the attachment lug, I don't bother with such internal details that won't be seen on a completed rifle because I consider it them to be useless code when most of my recent builds exceed 2 mb in size. I don't even bother with bolt carriers, gas blocks, etc. unless they're visible from the exterior of the weapon.
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