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Originally Posted by ManiacallyChallenged View Post
Presumably very little except at point blank range.
When I was a kid, wayyyyyyyyyy back in the 60s, I had a very large arsenal. One of the guns was a Mattel Shootin' Shell Winchester. The Mattel Shootin' Shells were brass casings with a spring in it. You loaded a plastic bullet into the casing, and the cartridge into the gun. When you fired the gun, the bullet would come out of the barrel. You could also put a cap onto the cartridge. The S.S. Winchester loaded like a real Winchester, and it even would eject the spent casings like one. It had a tab on the lever, that when folded down would engage the trigger. This allowed you to rapid fire the rifle, just like the Rifleman did! As I remember it, the accuracy in rapid fire was pretty poor, even at point blank range.

Could you imagine the screams if Mattel were to even try and market such toys nowadays?

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