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Originally Posted by commando552 View Post
I've only ever used side or bottom mounted lights on a rifle, how do top mounted ones like this work out? I feel like the obstruction to the sight picture would annoy me.
It's not that bad. The primary sighting apparatus is the Aimpoint and the light doesn't interfere with that. I've taken the rifle out a couple of times when on duty and I find the Aimpoint is very handy. I can keep both eyes open and maintain some peripheral vision. That red dot makes for quick acquisition. The light is easy to operate with my right thumb and easy to reach. I'm a lefty by the way.

It's interesting talking to younger shooters about the AR-15 platform. I fired my first AR-15 in 1982 when I was fourteen years old. Strictly Vietnam Era milspec (approved for civilian use). I joined the Army in 1986 and my M-16A1 that I carried in basic training was manufactured in the late sixties/early seventies by Hydra-matic. A General Motors company. Talk about a basic rifle. I look back on that old rifle and smile. Here is a link to an article about the Hydra-matic M16's. The company made 469,217 M16A1s. Many people don't know this. I was envious off all the other privates in my platoon with their Colt made M16A1s, but I never had any trouble with my old veteran rifle. Many of the newer Colt rifles broke. Especially parts in the lower receiver. My old warhorse just kept going.

We had none of the extras that are just taken for granted in 2018. I remember the modular concept started in the 90's and those of us assigned to the 10th Mountain Division in 1998 received some of the first M4 carbines but with none of the extra accoutrements. Only the division's long range surveillance detachment had the flashlights and the forward pistol grips. The rest of us just had the basic issue. The modular concept really took off after 9/11 and the start of the fighting in the Middle East. That's typical though. Wars loosen the purse strings and all the goodies start to flow to the average soldiers.

All the extras are nice and I'm a big fan of the light mounted onto my Glock 19. It's just interesting reading all the responses. When I was twenty years old (1988) the idea of a laser sight mounted onto an At-15 was something that only rich people and Hollywood did. Maybe the very top level SF operators.

Times change.

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