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Originally Posted by Spartan198 View Post
Sounds more like the only bidder. At least the different package options your LT looked into added additional capability with the addition of different accessories, justifying the added cost. Looking at just the rifles, if the decision was between the $1,700 DDM4V11 pictured and, say, a $3,000 MR556A1 that both met the same accuracy and reliability standards, wouldn't it be common sense to go with the cheaper DD especially if buying in bulk as police departments and militaries often do? This is something I've never understood about the whole "lowest bidder" disdain. (I was making a joke there. I suppose it's funnier to those who are vets) - Jcordell
Well it was a nice surprise that we got the funding approved and could purchase the "wish list". My department is a longtime practitioner of "do more with less". Less manpower, less pay, etc. So when something like this happens it's a nice change of pace and totally unexpected.
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