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Default Daniel Defense M4 patrol rifle

Last year my agency decided it was time that we all carried a patrol rifle (as in all officers both uniformed and detectives). The Lieutenant in charge of the firearms program went to Daniel Defense and got the estimate for seventy M4 rifles along with the iron sights, aimpoint and weapons lights. They then had another lower estimate with just the iron sights and the light and finally just the iron sights. The Chief then went in front of the city council and requested $235,000 from the city council. That was the sums required for the top estimate. Admin was prepared to then ask for the lower sums. Everybody figured the council would freak. Instead it passed without a single squawk. So I now carry a patrol rifle with a three point sling, three magazines and a carrying case. Nice rifle. Too rich for my personal finances, but it's kind of neat to have a weapon from the highest bidder.

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