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Originally Posted by Excalibur View Post
I think the M14's performance since it is a relative of the M1 Garand system has been exaggerated just like the M1 was. Like any weapon, you get it too dirty and it can fail.
TFB had a really good, critical post on the Garand (and, by extension, the M14). There’s a lot of criticism of the gas system and exposure of the action:

On another note: I think it’s easy for Americans to deify the primary service weapon of wars that we won, and hold corresponding negative views of service rifles used in wars we lost. This is why the M1 is held in such high regard, while the early M16s (used in Vietnam) are derided as garbage, for instance. I think there’s a weird psychological tendency to associate outcomes of wars with the quality of the main weapons used by the grunts in those wars.
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