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Originally Posted by MoviePropMaster2008 View Post
The difference between Tim and Zackmann was that Zachmann blasted in here when he first arrived. He did a complete avalanche of work, spent hours upon hours working on the site, became a co-system administrator in record time, made a dizzying array of changes and upgrades. He even got on my case because I didn't want to waste time mentoring 12 year olds who wanted to become armorers. But there is a cost when you devote 40+ hours a week to a volunteer site like IMFDB. Personally I expect guys who go at it like that, to burn out. I've seen it before here, someone comes in, goes on an epic contribution run and then disappears. Some folks were so hyperanxious that they would start editing pages that I just created, within the first 15 minutes of me editing it. Again, chalk it up to youthful enthusiasm.
It's understandable for users to blow in and out of IMFDB, but for admins to completely drop out is a bit strange. As life catches up or interest wanes, most just cut back, but a few like Gunmaster45 and Tim just stopped coming.

I'm sure Zackmann is still doing tech stuff behind the scenes. He was always more into that rather than content.
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