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Originally Posted by Spartan198 View Post
Just for me, but they apparently restricted my posting rights after I made an inquiry regarding the CQBR and Mk 18.

I've heard about THR and the naming dispute before, though.
Yeah that was when I went away the first time. They two founders were engaged in a legal fight and there were two THR forums in exsistence. As a result the Fringe Element came on really strong and the moderators basically let them take over. I walked away the first time when there was a thread going that said if you call paramedics you're just giving govermental assassins free access to your home. At that point I asked the moderator to remove me from member list, but nobody responded and nothing happened.

Like I said I ended up wandering back and for awhile the forum seemed to have mellowed out, but in the past couple of months the Fringe People have returned. There was a thread attacking cops (that's a very common and popular thread topic on THR nowadays) and the two worst offenders were just stomping all over everybody and the moderator wasn't trying to get it under control. I'd seen posts by those two in the past and I finally had enough. I went wading in firing back at them without any concern (after all it is just an Internet forum) and telling them what I thought of them.

So I was banned.

Oh well. It might have been immature, but it still felt good to tell those two schmucks what I really thought about them.
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