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Originally Posted by Nyles View Post
No personal experience with them, but I've heard they're alright budget guns, but not the quality of a "name brand" gun. That's the case with alot of postwar German revolvers, just look at the Herbert Schmidt .22s. Think of it as the 1960s equivlent to a Hi Point pistol.
Got it. You know it's funny that you mentioned Hi-Point. A few years ago we had a guy kill another guy dead with a 45 caliber Hi-Pont. It was a road rage inccident and soon to be dead guy got out of his car with a pool cue stick. The shooter pulled out his Hi-Point from his glove box, racked a round and shot the (soon to be) dead guy five times in the chest from the cab of his pickup.

I'm a cop so I was involved with the investigation. I processed the Hi-Point and I remember thinking whatever else I might think of Hi-Point's product it did it's job. End of discussion.

The prosecutor took it to court and the jury found him inoccent - justifiable homicide (self-defense). The defense attorney made me hold the pool cue stick while I was on the stand and asked me if somebody was agressing me holding such a thin if I would use deadly force. I said yes. The prosecutor wasn't real happy with me, but I wasn't going to lie.

A few days after he was cleared he came over to the department and we returned his Hi-Point to him to include the remaining two rounds. That was an interesting experience.

The year before that shooting we had two guys get in a fight. The guilty party shot the victim once with a 25 acp Raven pistol and killed the victim dead as a doorknob. The guilty guy then fled the scene. He however went to prison after we caught him in Oregon. Circumstances were different but he tried self-defense as well.

When I'm instructing new officers (rookies) I tell them not to look down or underestimate the so-called "junk" guns. They might not have what it takes to be along-term shooter and they're probably ugly, but all they have to do is go bang once or twice.
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