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Originally Posted by MoviePropMaster2008 View Post
YES, That's what I figured. How hard is it NOT to put forth spoilers. Some of the new members put in TONS of extraneous details that are really bad spoilers. Sometimes I just edit them to make the details more generic while still being accurate.
Well and done, but here's the thing: IMFDB is a Wiki for identifying firearms in movies. The entire idea of this site is that if somebody's trying to identify a particular firearm they saw in a movie, they come on here. What that means is that generally, they will have already seen in the movie in the first place, and thus know all the spoilers. After all, why would they be trying to ID the guns in a movie unless they had seen the movie already?

Again, don't get me wrong; you are correct that it might be best to warn readers about spoilers at the top of the movie entry. But I think it's still a little too extreme to suggest that we should make things as simple as "Character A uses a Beretta 92F, which is later used by Character B."

Also, there's one other thing to consider: Sometimes the screencaps themselves serve as spoilers. A recent example occurred to me after looking at the "Red Heat" page, where you see a character lying dead with his gun (a Taurus PT99) sitting nearby. Doesn't that by itself tell you something about what happens to the character in the movie?

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