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Playing The Last Of Us. Single player is long and very difficult, but very rewarding and a rich experience. And it takes a lot of thought to get through, especially since there's no Mook Chivalry where enemies wait their turn to attack so you can skillfully counter them; they just all attack at once, including shooting you repeatedly when you're in melee combat.

Multiplayer? Totally different from most other shooters. You only start with about 7 to 10 rounds for each of your weapons (in some cases that isn't even a single full magazine), so stealth and accurate shooting are the key. It only takes two or three shots from most guns to drop a guy as well, so running and gunning is nearly useless (you have to walk to shoot anyway). There's a lot of sneaking around in groups, setting up ambushes, and laying traps behind you.

Or bum rushing the last guy and beating him to death with 2x4s.
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