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My usual computer is down so in order to save some data I'm giving you Johnny's Morning. The reason he was in mexico when he met Maria.

Johnathan "Johnny" Bishop inhaled the sent of lavender under toned with something distinctively feminine. It was then that Esmeralda "Dizzy" Gomez snuggled her slim body against him in her sleep. They had spent the previous day together and they had ended up sharing Dizzy's bed. He opened her eyes and studied her angular brown features. Gently he brushed a strand of dark hair away from her face and kissed her forehead.

She stirred at his kiss and opened her dark, coffee colored eyes. She caressed his chest and kissed him softly on the lips. "Good morning Johnny."

Johnny slid his hand down over her body, enjoying the firm, tight curves, and gave her butt an affectionate squeeze. "Good morning to you too."

They had been friends for years and had quietly shared the same girlfriend for a while. Unfortunately they had Lost Amber to violence way too soon. Neather one of them had dated anybody since then, Although Dizzy had been flirting with a cute blonde who came to the shows of Dizzy's band.

Snuggling for a bit under the covers, they enjoyed the time alone to themselves. Entwined they heard the sound of a door opening elsewhere in the apartment. Johnny gave a knowing smile as Dizzy slipped a long, toned leg off of him. Soon the door to Dizzy's bedroom opened and her four year old daughter, Lucinda, looked around the door into the room.

The little girl ran to the bed with the arms up so that Johnny could help her. He reached under her arms and lifted her on top of the bed and over to Dizzy. He watched the pair cuddle for a bit before he got up. Watching both mother and child share a loving moment was a bittersweet joy. Slipping on his pants he picked up his custom Double stack M1911 from the nightstand on his side of the bed. He hit the magazine release, dropping the 14 round magazine into his left hand. Checking the magazine tension with his thumb he re-inserted the mag and made sure a round was in the chamber. Then he checked the Ed Brown Tritium fixed carry sights before shoving the handgun behind his right hip.

Johnny stopped in the bathroom before heading downstairs to the kitchen. Opening up the refrigerator he got out the ingredients for breakfast. Some eggs, ham, orange juice, and various seasonings were placed on the counter. By the time Dizzy and Lucinda arrived downstairs he had made three omelets with ham and orange juice.

"Johnny, do you think you made enough food?" Dizzy asks looking at the generous portions that Johnny made for them. She really didn't mind as he provided quite a bit of food for his friends. "Are you trying to make me fat?"

"Esmeralda." Johnny says using Dizzy's real name. "It would take allot more than that to fatten you up."

Dizzy had the lean build of a professional runner or a gymnast. Combined with her just short of six foot height, it made her seem much thinner. Besides the metabolism of a ferret, Dizzy jogged, did yoga, aerobic kickboxing and spent at least a dozen hours a week drumming. Lucinda still had the chubbiness of a toddler but it was obvious that she had inherited her mother’s height and build.

They ate breakfast and the adults cleaned up the mess. Soon Dizzy's daughter was engrossed in morning cartoons. Johnny and Dizzy were sitting at her kitchen table with Her Tarot deck. Dizzy looked over her cards. "This is interesting, it seems that you will meet a girl soon and will be a couple. Unfortunately it seems that there are allot of problems that you will face to be together."

"I'm going into Mexico today." Johnny informs her. "Is there anything you want me to give to your aunt or your grandparents?"

"Yeah I do have a couple of things." Dizzy replies. "I would have taken them, but things are getting bad again across the river."

Mexico was going through a periodic upswing of violence. Going through Ciduad Juarez was taking ones life in ones own hands. The violence was spilling over into El Paso, Texas. If one looked at some of the buildings facing Mexico, you can see the fresh bullet holes from rounds fired across the border. In addition to random rounds you had Mexican Hit teams and American gangsters crossing the border to commit acts of violence. Johnny knew the risks and accepted them.
I know these Apartments have a no weapon policy. But, would you mind if I stashed my guns here until I get back?" Johnny asked. Mexico has Tyrannical laws restricting firearms ownership and harsh penalties for violations. The laws limited law abiding citizens to non-military calibers at the descression of the local authorities. The drug cartels didn't care and imported military hardware by the ton to protect their trade. If an American accidentally brought even one prohibited round into Mexico and got caught they would spend Years in Prison.

In addition to the M1911 that he carried in his belt, Johnny had a pair of Rifles that they had shot the day before locked up in his truck. The first was a DS Arms SA58 Para that he used for both competition and culling destructive game for some farmers and ranchers that he knew. The second was a rifle that he had saved up over ten grand to buy and accessorize. It was a fifty seven inch long, Thirty pound, fifty caliber Barret M82A3 long range rifle. He had bought it because he had pushed his other rifles to their practical limit. With the Barret he had three times the range of the SA58. The only issue was that it was expensive to shoot much.

"I'm not sure I can hide the big one." Dizzy says referring to the Barret. While her apartment complex had a no weapon policy, she didn't think twice about further violating it further.

"It shouldn't be a problem as its disassembled and in a covert case." Johnny points out with a grin. In his mind he pictured Dizzy curled up behind the bipod of the Barret. The body position needed to comfortably shoot the mammoth rifle did wonderful things to a girl's backside. “It doesn't look too much different than some of your musical gear."

The pair makes a quick trip out to Johnny's truck and stashes the rifles in Dizzy's bedroom. Johnny's M1911 ended up in Dizzy's nightstand next to her Glock 19. Thus disarmed, he was ready for a trip into what some called Murder City.

"Johnny, I'm going to call Mi Familia and let them know you're going to show up.” Dizzy tells him as he gets into his truck.

"Thanks." Johnny says leaning down and kissing Dizzy. "Last night when you read the Tarot, you had said that I was going to meet someone. Who knows maybe I'll find her."
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