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Originally Posted by predator20 View Post
Even if you could make a gun completely out of plastic. (Plastic barrel yeah I really doubt it) What about the ammunition?
With modern materials (ceramics, carbon fibre, polymers, etc; they usually mean "non-metal" when they say "plastic") you could make a gun that contained no major metal components, though I doubt it would be very hard-wearing. I've heard of ceramic bullet casings, and you can certainly make the bullet itself from them. The big problem would be the springs; AFAIK the only non-metal that's suitable is carbon fullerines at $35,000 per pound, and I really don't think that's within the price range of the average terrorist.

Nevermind that terrorists tend more towards blowing up places with metal detectors than shooting them up anyway, or that sneaking past a metal detector isn't really something you'd care about if you just want to kill lots of people. I assume Cheney just didn't feel like explaining that he voted against it because it banned no weapons that actually existed at the time.

Originally Posted by predator20 View Post
The 30 rd mag may or may not have made a difference out all.
I believe a panel concluded it didn't. Apart from anything else, he could have just carried another loaded gun and had 30 rounds on tap before he reloaded without needing a 30-round magazine.

One of the ones that really got me was the idea that 7.62mm (NATO, I guess) is an antiaircraft gun round. What are we shooting at here, the Hindenberg?

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